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You do not:

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By placing an order you are offering to purchase a product on and subject to the following terms and conditions.

In order to place an order with TopTwig, you must

  • Be at least 18 years old of age
  • Possess a valid credit or debit that is issued by a bank acceptable to us and you are the authorised user and there are adequate funds to cover the cost of the goods
  • Ensure that all the details you supply to us are accurate



When you make a purchase/order, you will receive a confirmation email of your order. The email confirmation (receipt) is also a guarantee of proof of purchase. It is thus important that you enter your real email address when making an order. Please keep the confirmation email for any future contact regarding your purchase.


Orders made in another person’s name without any permission, thus as a result of suffer of economic damage will be reported to the police. TopTwig reserves the right to change prices, descriptions, details and correct any incorrect prices on all orders and final sales. If we discover an error in any goods which you have ordered, we will inform you immediately and give you the option to reconfirm the order at the correct price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you within seven (7) days, we cancel your order. If you have already paid for the goods, you will receive a refund on any amounts paid in the best way.



We provide discounts frequently relating to certain items. Any discounts or special offers will be specified at the time of issue. We reserve the right to withdraw special offers and discounts at any time, without warnings.



  • You will need to create an account or sign in to pay with a TopTwig gift voucher
  • Gift vouchers will be delivered electronically to your email address you have specified at the time of issue
  • Gift vouchers must be redeemed on our website as a part or full payment

Note: You cannot purchase a gift voucher with another voucher

  • TopTwig gift vouchers are only valid once



If you have received a product you ordered on our website that is damaged or lost in transit, please contact our customer service immediately or within 2 weeks (14 days). If a product you ordered has been damaged in transport, contact us within 7 days as soon as possible


Note: TopTwig is not liable if you return a product that has been damaged or lost.

In cases where our customer believes the delivery is delayed in such way that you no longer wish to fulfill the order, you have to cancel the order in agreement of the conditions of sale



TopTwig holds the right to adjust prices, additional costs and change product information such as offers and product pictures without notice. The product information text and picture available reflect the product as much as possible. TopTwig reserve the right for any errors such as text information and pictures. We cannot guarantee that it is accurate and reflect the true appearance of the watch. Pictures may vary and differ depending on your computer (colour settings). All pictures that appear on our website should be seen as illustrations only, and do not guarantee correct characteristics and appearance.



TopTwig will save some of your data to fulfill your orders. We treat all personal information confidential and nothing will be passed to third parties. We believe that this is one of the most important things for us is for our customers to have their trust. You also have the right to request and gain access your own data, if you believe there is anything wrong you can get it changed or removed any time.



We take all complaints in a very serious and honest way. We try to resolve disputes as soon as they arrive. If you wish to make a complaint, please contact our customer care



TopTwig is not responsible for delays or failures caused by circumstances beyond our control. That includes postal delays, acts of nature, war, fire, crime, riot, lack of state, labor disturbance, prohibitions and sabotage.